HD HIFI sound effects
All Frequency Passive Diaphragm + Double Gao Qingshuang Horn
32 g extension support
This mode is memory TF card music playback mode,
in any time ,priority play music TF card.
Toggle switch button
True touch
The fuselage surface cover through
grind arenaceous processing,
surface after the glossy uv glazing
    3.0 Bluetooth Transmission
    Mobile Phone
    Lossless Music
    Mega Bass
    Back to the Dial
    AUX Interface
Bright LED music flash
Speaker in the state of the music player, LED light will follow the musical flashes of energy. Under music paused state, LED lights flashing in normal way. By simultaneously pressing the + / - button to turn off / on flash mode. (This function is only for LED Music speaker ).
multi-color optional
Bluetooth communication range:
Line without blocking state 10 meters (mobile phones and other devices of different types and environment will affect the distance)
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