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Why Do We Want To Choose A Smart Bike

Jun. 03, 2018

A Light Smart Bike can use your phone to control the speed of the bicycle. There is a (micro)computer in the bicycle. With Bluetooth, you can use the APP to control its speed. Can be faster and slower. The gear will also turn on its own, it will feel how much force you use, so it is very comfortable. In addition to cycling through the foot, the bike is also equipped with a lithium battery life to meet the needs of different riders.

It is completely different from other bicycles because it can be interchanged. You can ride without electricity, but you can have more fun with electricity. Its electricity is inside, charging 5 hours at a time, it can run 64 kilometers, its speed is 25 kilometers (per hour). It is the first bike made of magnesium.

The styling feels strong on the top, although light, but not the thin feeling. This style is very novel, it does not have to shift your speed, it can automatically shift, and then the brake will not let you have a feeling of leaning forward, it is very stable. The Day of Experience has attracted nearly 150 outdoor "coachies" in the Chinese mainland to enjoy the fun of riding between mountains and rivers.

We are a Smart Bike Factory that produces high quality smart bick. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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