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Smart Lights Make Your Riding Different

Jun. 10, 2018

Smart Bike lights can make easier riding by adjusting to changing light conditions in addition to bicycle speed when paired with pick Edge computers. As speed increases, the headlight mechanically projects light farther ahead to where it is needed most.

Whether you're traveling, commuting or outside for a nice day ride with the household, bicycle lights can correct for light and speed conditions to set the light where you want it the most. Manual on/off controls permit you to utilize the lights for daylight rides too.

The lineup of cycling consciousness products also has rearview radar which may alert you -- via compatible Edge bicycle computers or even a head unit -- if visitors behind you're getting close. The radar picks up trucks or cars in 150 yards (140 meters) and will monitor a number of goals as they approach. The rear lighting additionally warns coming vehicles into a cyclist beforehand.

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