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Smart Bike Development In Western Countries

Jun. 07, 2018

Clear Channel Light Smart Bike; A more economical solution to city transportation. In the present urban surroundings, developing integrated transportation strategies and lowering the amount of automobiles on the road are crucial issues globally. Addressing the issues of traffic pollution and congestion, Clear Channel and Frost Produkt has developed an advanced motorcycle borrowing strategy acceptable for usage in cities throughout the world.

The project comprised the evolution of bicycles, bike lighting, locking mechanism, consumer interface, base principle, bike transport automobile and maintenance gear. The item specification was to create a modular bike system which had great resistance to vandalism, withstand distinct climatic conditions, simple maintainable and quick and economical setup in diverse surfaces and terrain. Clear Channel has taken over the performance and start-up obligation predicated on knowledge transfer from Frost Produkt and recognized that the Smart Bike city bicycle program in a different 15 cities throughout the world.

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