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New products: TB20X portable battery case

May. 11, 2018

After nearly 9 months of research and development, we have added 2 new products (TB10 & TB20X portable battery case) to the rechargeable treasure family, which are presented to you with excellent quality, mini shape and cool appearance.

TB20X, color: silver, the surface will infiltrate the silver molecule into a piece of Corelle four generation surface glass plate grinded by Seiko, embedded in the surface of bright silver metal, pure as water. At the same time, 11H professional quenching and tempering, so that the glass reached 7.3 Mohs hardness (conventional aluminum alloy 5.5 Mohs hardness), better than alloy, no scratch. Using lithium manganate composite core, 20000mA capacity, T7501 strengthening aluminum design, perfect fusion of metal and glass, no gap, the design of 9.9mm streamlined innovative products. Arc - straight edge - arc design, increase processing cost to reduce volume, 0.7mm aluminum alloy 5mm thick plastic strength, save volume makes the product more compact, mini, unprecedented! 3.8A's current is fast and fast charging, configuring Type-C input port and fast charging itself. It supports charging for mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers.

More details about ultra slim battery case please via www.topwinp-mall.com

New products: TB20X portable battery case

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