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An introduction of our high speed smart bike

Jun. 26, 2018

The crowded city traffic is a very annoying thing to the working people every day. It is very inconvenient to squeeze the bus, squeeze the subway, and take a taxi. It is very difficult to get a pair of wings or take a rocket in the face of the congestion at work. Even if there is a bus subway, the last ten kilometers behind the station, or more worried, even now with the existence of a shared bicycle, it is not able to save a lot of time to reach the destination.

High speed smart bike, with intelligent APP, integrates location, defense, path query and other functions. Small and light, single hand can be raised, can be put into the trunk of the car. Let's take a look at this portable electric bicycle.

light smart bike6

Stylish appearance, delicate details.

An introduction of our high speed smart bike1

The factory packaging is exquisite and compact, and it is not so complicated. The product box is equipped with a charging adapter and two left and right aluminum alloy pedals, plus a manual, simple and not simple.

An introduction of our high speed smart bike2

Foldable smart bike adopts the design of automobile industry, and the design of aluminum alloy material is also a good manufacturer in the industry. Although this car looks small, its material is strong and durable. The designer gave the car a "dolphin" posture with a very fashionable and avant-garde idea. It also shows the idea of a big fish and a drive. Enjoy the fine and quick life from the big fish. The official mark has three colors: black and white. It's white this time.

high speed smart bike

Look at the specific parameters of Smart bike D1:

The overall body 1050*500*960mm, the overall weight of 12kg, the battery box is designed in the middle of the body position, like the "dolphin" belly, the battery is designed to have a handbag, convenient to travel when it is convenient to lift trams, personal experience only know, weight is not heavy, men and women suitable.

high speed smart bike1

For the length of the body, the length of one meter has been quite small. Smart bike D1, as opposed to a variety of behemoths on the market, seems to be a little girl in the middle of a car. The advantage of this design is that the car body saves a lot of space, even if it is folded up, it is also very small. The trunk of the car is even more difficult to pick up.

high speed smart bike2

The handlebar adopts the rubber material package, the anti slip pattern design, the hand grip degree does not decrease instead, but is more comfortable, the hand's most middle design has a switch, can adjust the angle of the handlebar. The body has a display screen that displays electricity, and is intelligent enough to understand the power consumption. If the later version can display speed, safety lock and mileage, it will be better.

high speed smart bike3

high speed smart bike4

The map above the central control dynamic diagram] can adjust its angle according to its height and habits. It is very convenient.

high speed smart bike5

Power switch: after starting, there will be a drop of sound, not very loud.

high speed smart bike6

Dashboard: this dashboard feels a bit too simple, and it will be better if it can be added at the speed of time; and the percentage display of electricity will be clearer.

Foldable smart bike

Loudspeaker: the red button is the horn of big fish electric car. The horn is a little bit loud, and it will be better to speak louder. After pressing the horn button, the horn starts to sound. It is recommended to click. If you press the horn button continuously, the horn will stop automatically after 10 seconds.

Foldable smart bike1

The right hand handle is used to adjust the speed of the vehicle, and a green button on the bottom of the right can fix the speed of the vehicle at one level to facilitate driving. Long hand writhing and handlebars will be very tired. This design will give the designers great praise.

Foldable smart bike2

The speed of the car can only be adjusted at ten kilometers after leaving the factory, at the beginning of 20 km / h, the maximum speed can reach 30 km / h. Foot pedal design is very different, using the "no board" pedal, it looks as if only a foot tread, in fact, it is a six - face cylinder pedal, can be used with the insertion, really convenient.

Foldable smart bike3

The front of the body is equipped with a self sensing light. When the light is not bright, the front car lamp will open automatically. It can also be set through the mobile app. It is set to turn on the car lamp manually. In this case, the lights can only be opened and closed by app.

Foldable smart bike4

Foldable smart bike5

Foldable smart bike6

The light smart bike is equipped with a 12 inch damping tire that looks small and small compared to the normal electric car, but the speed increase makes the speed of the car less. The rear drive type of the whole car has excellent performance, and riding feels good.

light smart bike

light smart bike1

For the sake of safety performance, Smart bike D1 has a high sensitivity disc brake for the front and rear wheels of the vehicle body, with remarkable braking effect and high safety factor. The manufacturers are also equipped with a small fender, so there is no need to worry about throwing their own mud ideas on rainy days.

Smart bike D1 uses a lithium battery of 36V, a 10 Ma lithium battery, the theoretical continuation of the battery is 50km, the standard version of the 4.4 Ma battery can also be almost continuous 20km, the battery will be able to fill the battery for about seven hours, convenient and quick to meet the daily use.

light smart bike2

light smart bike3

The fitted seat can relieve the tiredness of the buttocks when long riding, but the seat does not design the switch that can adjust the height of the seat, so it is not convenient for the tall people. Similarly, the rear of the car seat is designed with a brake light, which can lift the rear vehicle when braking, and is too high for driving safety.

light smart bike4

light smart bike5

By controlling the switch between the handlebar and the body, the folding and placement of the body can be completed instantaneously. It needs only one fold, easy and convenient.

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